Friday, February 27, 2009

Ben Sollee Stealing my Soul

I wept tonight in a very public place. All eyes were not on me, thank God, and it was in dark in the club, so I was not embarrassed. It started the moment this young, fair skinned man walked onto the the empty stage carrying a very good friend of his, the cello, in his arms. I don't know what it is, but music can make me cry, weep, laugh, and move like the crazy woman I was destined to be. Anyway, this time wasn't any different, only more so.
I decided to see this man, Ben Sollee, because it was free and I had looked him up on youtube and I seemed to like his soulful voice and cello playing. I guess it didn't hurt that he was majorly cute and smiled a beautiful smile when he played.

There were so few people at the show that we each had more than enough space in our personal bubble, which feels weird at a club, and a little wrong. I felt like I had to take up more room than normal; I didn't want the performers to feel bad. So I stood strong and I clapped loud and I whoo hooooed all night long.

But the boo hooooing happened when he played this song about change and about becoming a daddy (he told us that his wife was pregnant with their second baby, and at age 24 and being a touring musician, he told us that people usually have a lot to think and say about that). But his song, oh lord help me, it got me. From the moment it started until he stopped bowing that great stringed instrument, I was taken over. I bet it's the same feeling people get when they go to church and they feel the heavenly spirit upon them. What I felt was the love pouring from this young man's heart, down his arms, into those strong hands and gentle fingers, through his mouth, and out for the world to hear. And I felt so blessed to be one of the ones that could witness and feel this.

The whole time I was listening to him, I was trying to come up with what I was going to say to him after the show, because I had to somehow express how much his music meant to me that night. But when I did met him, it was as weird as it always is when I meet someone who has just blown my world but wouldn't recognize one hair on my body, let alone know such personal things as I know about them. All I could say was, "thank you, that was just awesome", and in my head I think "stop sounding like a crazy girl that doesn't know anything, of course he knows that was awesome" But he asked if I played, and I said "yes mandolin", and he said something about frets and having a map to the instrument...and I was gone after that. Too much going on that I just shut down. I know I said something that was stupid, but I'm not going to let it ruin my experience. I just wish I knew how to express myself better sometimes. It would make life a lot easier, and I think I'd have more friends. Really awesome, cute, cello playing friends.

Oh, I just found this picture that I had to share. Look at him and tell me you don't love him. Notice the earrings, the t-shirt, and his little boy in his arms... at the beach I might add. Now I know this man could be totally not what I think, but in my mind he is pretty cool, and I bet you, he's that way in real life too.

Ok, well that's it. Check out his music is you want. Now I just need to buy one of his cds...


Ms. Moon said...

I am so glad you got to go and witness that and I am so glad you talked to him. Wow. What an evening! And you wrote about it so beautifully, too.
I love you, HoneyLuna. I love you loving life.

Miss Maybelle said...

That was beautiful, Darling Girl. And my what a cute young man! I bet his wife is awesome. Stupid wives! Always being so cool and getting all the good men! I ran into an old friend recently who is also a musician and who is all of a sudden super hot and he has a stupid girlfriend too! Oh well, at least you are actually going out to places. I've heard that by going out you may become less socially awkward, but I think I'll just stay home until I become so. I'm sure it will happen eventually.
I love you.

Miss Maybelle said...

I want to make a video of my butt song. Do you think you could help me with that? Maybe we could convince Jason to dance in said video. What do you think?

meli said...

Wow! Jessie, your writing is amazing. I totally felt all your emotions in those words you just shared with me.

Ms. Moon said...

I think Miss Maybelle has a good idea, HoneyLuna.

honeyluna said...

Oh man, I think Miss Maybelle is definitely on the right track with that booty video, and getting Jason to dance would be the cherry on top of the nipple, or however that saying goes.
And I agree about those stupid wives, although it kind of makes me love the wife just knowing that she has a man like that. And Miss Maybelle, I don't know if going out makes a person less socially awkward, but you do get to see and hear some pretty fun and amazing things sometimes, so I recommend doing it once in a while.

Thanks Meli, I feel the same way about your writing.

downtown guy said...

I'm just so damned stoked that you've started going out to shows and such.

Miss Maybelle said...

The cherry on top of the cowgirl, is I believe what you were trying to say. But hey, if you want to put cherries on your nipples, who am I to judge?
Do you remember that Thanksgiving were I put raw cranberries in my bra and then was like, "Um, is it cold in here?" Cherries would certainly be less subtle.

honeyluna said...

Haha, Miss Maybelle, you crack me up! Cherries would certainly show up a little more, but they would be messier, well, that's just Marachino cherries I'm thinking of.

Thanks, brother. I'm glad that I'm getting to see some really good shows lately. It's so awesome, as you are fully aware.