Friday, March 6, 2009

When Mama Walks

Mama’s feet are desert beauty.
Cracked like the Grand Canyon,
Worked over by long ago rivers
That once flowed through her,
Leaving prints embedded in her
Heals. Her arches stand so proud,
Ballerinas have tried to steal them
Right from under her ankles.

They are dancing feet, bouncing
Babies-feet on the cool, hardwood
Floors of sleepless nights.
I know they’re sweet, because
Each time she works in the garden,
The ants go snacking one by one
To those beautiful red-nail toes,
Leaving venomous puss-filled pox,
Where they bit into her tasty flesh.

Mama’s feet have walked far
Distances, along all types of paths-
Gravel roads, rocky river banks,
Red roads, sandy beaches, burning
Tar roads, and the oil-dirt grounds
Where we live in Lloyd, Florida. I look
At my Mama’s feet and see it all- the
Hardships, the dreams, four babies,
The men, the dancing, the music,
And, Lord has mercy, the love.

Gardenia petal tops, rough and callused,
Dirt in the cracks, red chipped nails,
Can you see it? Just look at those gems
In the rough and admire their desert beauty.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh baby. You made me cry again.
I love you so much.

downtown guy said...

This is beautiful, but Billy's gonna hate it!

honeyluna said...

Haha, I was thinking about Billy when I wrote it, and all the other people out there that can't stand feet. I took that risk, but anything to make my mom cry makes me happy! Wait, that doesn't sound right...

Miss Maybelle said...

So beautiful, Angel-pie.

My Other Blog said...

So beautiful. My daughter has never written a poem about my feet, (although she treated me to a pedicure last year) I'm so envious.

Ms. Moon said...

Hello darling. I'm home. And I think I'm going to go use my Ped Egg. Don't tell Billy.
I love you.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful poem- if your Mama has such beautiful desert feet, imagine how interesting her soul must be....

Lily said...

Great job little Jess. You described our mamma's feet perfectly. I hope my future daughter has anything half as wonderful to say about my feet one day. Haha! I love you and I am excited to see you tommorow for lunch.

downtown guy said...

Hey, shoot me an email, I have something to show you. drunkonpabst at gmail dot com.

Petit fleur said...


You are some poet! And you are right on about those feet.

I like your other writing too, I just don't always have opportunity to comment as I'd like.

You are just blossoming all over the place. You remind me of what fun it can be to be young and full of curiosity and vitality!

Keep up the good work. We sure do love you.
pf, zengoof, and Harley

All This Trouble... said...

This is a beautiful poem. Are those your mama's feet in the photo...or yours?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

That was beautiful! I am a big fan of your Mama, too. I am so glad I found her blog. She always makes me feel better and happier to be alive. Clearly, you are as sweet a person as she is.

Sending you love,