Friday, December 19, 2008

Bouncing All Around the Moon

The world is wondering, where did HoneyLuna disappear to? She's been missing for months, only to be seen by, well, quite a few people really, probably more than anyone is used to see of her, except her beloved Mama and Daddy. But that is where the real problem lies.
She has a hard time writing these days. She thinks, "Why would anything I say be something someone wants to read? It's all the same really- school, grades, roommates, boyfriends, cottage cheese and pineapple."
Ok, so that last thing isn't really something she talks about all the time, but it's on her mind right now since it's sitting so patiently six inches away from her MacBook, ready to be devoured.

"Oh yummy," HoneyLuna says after a nice chow down on her curdled milk and acidic, yellow fruit. How pleasant a meal is after five hours of working in a Sushi joint, where everything smells like soy sauce and tempura, (and sometimes, on a most unfortunate evening, tonight for example, it smells like a fetid diaper because the exotic fish was ordered by some fool). But cottage cheese and pineapple remain a welcome treat for Miss. HoneyLuna of the Night.

Now, back to the story of where
HoneyLuna has been since we last heard. She's been to the moon, of course! A hell of a place, she would like us to add. It seems as though she has been floating around, touching ground every few minutes, enjoying the sights and feelings as she picks up moonstone memories as souvenirs.

HoneyLuna also reports that she is very proud of herself for "getting shit done". Take for example today. After driving Mr. Spaniel (name has been changed for sheer fun) to his house of work, and having a lovely chat with her ever so beautiful and bright sister, Miss. Maybetheawesomestpersonintheworld, HoneyLuna started her day of doing stuff. She traveled to her own house of work, we will call it Sushi YumYum for now, to pick up her much appreciated paycheck, and did a bit of Christmas shopping in the Market Square plaza. As it turned out, this shopping trip was not in the least overwhelming like most Christmas shopping tends to be, which delighted HoneyLuna to the sun and back. Then, bravely she ventured to the bank and chatted with a very nice finance lady about applying for the evil, but much needed, credit card. HoneyLuna found out she knows nothing about credit and financial stuff, but she is still waiting eagerly to see if she has been approved so she can start building up her credit- "something that adults do," thinks HoneyLuna.

Now that
HoneyLuna thinks about it, she realizes that she really didn't do much today, but that fact's not bothering her at the moment. She has a table growing with gifts, which makes her happy to see, even though she doubts anyone is really going to like their presents. But that's not what Christmas is about. We all know it's about finding something that a loved one probably doesn't need but is getting it just because it's what we found in a moment of desperation. Haha, just kidding, (sort of).

HoneyLuna is sorry for the poor quality and oddness of this blog. She is tired and believes she has completely forgotten how to write. Truth be told, she's just being lazy and wanted to write something. And so this is what you get. HoneyLuna hopes you are well, and says, keep smiling because someone will notice, just like the sushi chef at Sushi YumYum did tonight when he said to HoneyLuna, "I like you. You know why? Because you always smile, even when this place is shitty."

What a nice compliment, don't you think?