Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just Some Words

It's been too long since I've taken the time to write on my blog. And now that I actually should be studying for every class, and finishing up lab reports, and revising my poetry, and writing a biography about Billy Collins, and working on my song that I'm writing for guitar class, I figure it is a perfect time to write. No? Well, "Too freaking bad!" I say to myself.

It's odd how my mind works, because when I have all these things that I must get done, I crave so badly to stop everything and be one with the earth, whatever that means. Like right now, all I really want to do is go home and watch the chicks grow and help Daddy build that beautiful home for those babies. But no, I am stuck inside the FSU library, sitting next to a middle-aged woman who is listening to loud eighties pop rock (Journey perhaps) through her ear buds. Once in a while she starts a short conversation with herself, unless she is actually on a hidden phone, which I must add, I am always tricked out by.

But I feel good at the moment (despite the poor music choices being made around me). I think I might go get some Pitaria and look over my notes for Anatomy. Thankfully we are learning about my favorite subject- the reproductive system! Although I must admit that I still have the hardest time completely understanding the freaking stages of meiosis and how all our chromosomes converge and split and do it all over again. Maybe I should have a sit down with my professor and chat about how babies are made. He is pretty cool. In our notes he compared the Punnett Square to the game Battleship. Can't beat that humor!

Hope everyone is doing good. And just know that Miss. Honeyluna is wishing she was with you, whatever you may be up to.