Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chicken Update from the Child

My parents chickens are doing really well. They are growing up fast, and when Mama and Daddy look into their baby chick pen when they return from their trip to Cozumel, they're going to think we replaced them with real chickens. Don't get me wrong, they totally miss my parents. My siblings and I are doing are darnedest to keep them cleaned and watered and feed, but I know they miss my Mama's sweetness and heartfelt songs of praise.
When I go into their pen they run away from me. Not so with Mama. They swarm around her, knowing their mother hen is there to take care of them. I can just look at their little bead eyes and hear them thinking,
"Jesus lady, what's your problem? You throw hay at us. You don't place the watermelon down like Mom does, you throw it to us like we're some kind of animals. Where's our fresh fruit salad? Our veggie tray? What did you do with our real parents?"
Well, chickens, they're coming home soon, and I'm sorry, but I'm doing my best, I swear.

Everything else is going swell. I'm about to go to town to help Lily move today, since I am the only one legally allowed to drive Dad's big-kid cars. But I don't mind. I love being with my big sister. It's oddly comforting, even though it was only five years ago that we would get into real, physical fights over things like me wanting to read her Seventeen magazine. Oh how things change.


downtown guy said...

One time I kicked May so hard in the kneecap that I was afraid I broke it, because she tore down the sheet hanging between our spaces in a fit of anger.

Sorry, May! We should have had our own rooms.

May said...

A) I was always tearing down your sheet in a fit of anger.
B) I deserved getting kicked in the kneecap.

HoneyLuna- You are a great chicken Mama and a great sister!

downtown guy said...

No, no, you didn't deserve to get kicked. I just wanted some privacy, you know?

honeyluna said...

Siblings can do some of the cruelest things to each other, physically/mentally/whatever, but we always seem to laugh about it later.

So were you a black belt in Karate at that point of the knee-cap kicking? I bet it hurt, and I bet you remember the look on May's face, don't you? I remember some wickedly pained screams of torture that came out of Lily's mouth a few times when I fought back.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Hope the move goes well. You are an impressive chicken Mama in your own right.

I'm like the chickens, I miss Ms. Moon, goddamn it. I'm ready for her to get her ass back here. I think her house is lonesome.

Love you, SB.

Mwa said...

My sister and I used to hit each other until she had bruises. (Hihi.) Now we are the best of friends. Now the fights seem just another thing we share in our history.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. DTG and May should have had their own rooms. That is something I would like to have as a do-over but of course, I cannot.
I thank all of you for taking care of my house and my chickens. I had no worries at all on that when I was in Mexico being Maria Luna, woman of the water and sun.
I love you all so much. I am glad to be home where I can gather you in my arms and pat my chickens.
Thank-you forever and I love you forever and you are my joys and my blessings.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Good luck with your knee surgery, sweet girl. I will be sending you very good thoughts.

I'd be there on the surgical table with you if I could, but that would be awkward.



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