Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is Me Smiling

I just had such a great weekend. I really did not expect it to be as good as it was, since my four exams are on Wednesday and Thursday and usually this would weigh me way down, but somehow I put that aside and enjoyed these two school-less days more than any other days in quite a while. I did get some studying done, not as much as I really need, but I'm sure I will be ok.

Saturday night was amazing with it's rhythm and blues, older dancing hippies that are so fun to watch, late night talking, hay gathering, bat watching, contest spinning, cheesy-joke telling, and more giggling than one girl should ever be allowed to sound. My face is still sore from all the smiles produced last night. It was also the latest I've ever stayed up. I feel like a bad girl, but in the most innocent of ways.

Today was really nice too. I did something that pleases my soul- I played music with my friends and recorded a few songs to send off to The Florida Folk Festival. It's amazing to me that we actually did it in a few hours, and really, what we made was not all that bad given the lack of rehearsal and lack of good recording equipment. We ended up using the microphone on Stephanie's MacBook and using Garage Band to "mix" it. I use quotations here because for each song, we recorded only one track and added nothing. It's quite the bare bones recording. But it's something I'm pretty proud of. Thank god for MacBooks and their ease of use. I just hope it's good enough to get us a spot on the Folk Festival line up.

Oh, our band name is Cicada. What do you think?

Now it is my time to get stuff done. Take a shower, read tons of text books, and get sleep (my favorite of the three).

I just wanted to let you know that today, I am a happy girl. And it feels really nice.


Ms. Moon said...

That's why weekends were invented. Sounds to me like you made the perfect use of yours.
I'm so glad you're happy, HoneyLuna. So glad.

downtown guy said...

Hey hey, sounds like a good time. I really like the name Cicada, except that there are already a half dozen bands named that.

honeyluna said...

Yeah, I figured there would be a dozen or so bands named Cicada in North Florida alone, but what the heck? Does anyone in/around town that you know of have that band name? I found a techno band in England that has that name, but I'm sure no one will get us confused.

downtown guy said...

Yeah, but if you guys ever wind up wanting to release a cd or something, you're screwed. My dad once had to change his band's name because of some band in England and it was a pin, because they had tshirts already and everything.

If you were a bluegrass/heavy metal band you could call yourselves CICADA THUNDER!

honeyluna said...

Haha, I wish we were a bluegrass/heavy metal band, just so we could use that name.
I guess we are going to have to think about that one some more. It would be nice to one day make a cd that we could sell, but if it's illegal, then that ain't going to happen.

Ms. Moon said...

Sweet Tea and The Cicadas?
The Sweet Cicadas?
Cicada Cola?
Wait- I like that one.
It feels good when you say it. It's bubbly and chirpy and fun.

downtown guy said...

It is fun to say, and it makes me think of bug juice, which is fun to drink.

Anonymous said...

That weekend sounds like fun! And I love your band name!
How did the tests go?