Friday, October 31, 2008


So it's Halloween night, and it's just me and Elephant, (who is my roommate Abby's new bunny rabbit whom she so nicely surprised me with yesterday) at the house tonight. I do have plans to go out with my new man tonight, and since I still need to take a shower and gussy myself up, then I guess I better make this short.
I really wanted to put my pumpkin picture up, which I carved on Monday. This means her face is caving in just a little bit, but I think she's still looking hot.
What do you think? I did not win the pumpkin carving contest that I did this for, but in the end, every time I look at her I get a smile on my face, which is as good, if not better, then the stupid beanbag chair that was given to the winner. Hehe, just kidding, it was a fine beanbag chair that I would have been proud to own.
Happy Halloween everyone!


Ms. Moon said...

I am never carving a pumpkin again in my life. That was awesome! I hope you and D. had a good evening, Ms. Honey.

honeyluna said...

You sure are going to carve many more pumpkins again, because if you don't, Lloyd will be very sad without it's Ms. Moon pumpkin.

Anonymous said...

That is a cool pic! Did you have a good time?

downtown guy said...

That's a mighty fine pumpkin you got there.

Miss Maybelle said...

Ha-Ha! I told you I commented but I didn't! Psych! Actually, I thought I had. I LOVE your pumpkin. I love you. It was super fun to see you last night.

honeyluna said...

Haha, thanks Ms. Maybelle. I totally came home from Sage after you told me you made a comment and eagerly checked my blog to find...what? Nothing, I tell you! But that's all right because now you have left me a comment. And a very sweet one at that.
Margo, I sure did have a good time, although I was with a group of people who are new to me, so it wasn't as good as when carving pumpkins with my family.
Thanks Brother, for saying that!