Monday, September 29, 2008


I just found out my grade for the first Anatomy and Physiology Lab practical that I took over a week ago. Amazingly I got a 97.56%, which I think it is pretty funny that they gave such a precise number. This is the way of a science teacher, I guess. This is an ok grade, I guess. Hehe. Actually, when I read that number, I said, "yesyesyesyes, Ha HAh!, I did it. I did it!" and then I slapped my face a little. I don't know what made me do this part. Maybe it was to wake myself up and out of this wonderful dream of acing my first anatomy exam, and all the other ones that I've taken so far.

Things just seem to work out for me some how. It's not as though I feel everything is easy. Nay nay. Just ask Mama about all the times I called her last week, crying because it was "all so hard". But after I have these moments of breaking down, I do what needs to be done, and with a lot of help from the family, everything ends up really nicely.

I have a hard time giving myself credit. I don't know why really. I know that I get a lot of help from people, and maybe that's why, but I also think that because I know I have to do these things, like study or clean up after myself or whatever it is, I don't deserve to take credit for it. It's just what I do. I know I'm not a genius, even if one of my professors tells me that this is the case. (She really doesn't know me. She just sees my grades and knows my mama, who really is a genius.) I know I was born too lucky for words to express. The family I have is amazing, and the outlook of life I was born with doesn't suck either, for which I credit my papa's genes. I'm also tall, so I get to see things from a higher point, which really makes a difference. Just kidding.

Abby, one of my roommates, has been saying lately that she doesn't like living with me because I'm too perfect and she can't be as good as me, or something like that. This is someone who is trying to get into nursing school (with the pressures of a dad telling her that if she doesn't get in, she has to live at home next year and go to school there), who works a couple days a week at the mall (which would drive me crazy, especially where she works because it is dark, there's bad, loud music and the ceilings are low- a claustrophobic's nightmare), and she's in a sorority. Plus this girl has many friends, and she manages to keep in touch with all of them throughout the week. I feel good about myself if I hang out with one friend in a week.

Even though I'm pretty darn proud to be who I am, I often times think I should be more like Abby. She has friends, she's making money, and she's doing relatively good in school. Sure I've got her beat in grades, but does that really matter in life? No, it doesn't. Of course, it can make it a hell of a lot easier to get into the nursing college.

I don't know where I've been going with all this gibber-jabber. I just wanted to talk about school and grades and what it all means. It's basically my whole life right now, which is really alright. It's actually a lot of fun, when it's not tearing me up from the inside out.

At least I can still watch new episodes of The Office.

I do love Jim and his sexy smile.


Ms. Moon said...

Jessie- that was beautiful! Listen- everyone in the world thinks they should be more like this person or that one. You are the perfect Jessie! And that is one hell of an amazing human being.
I'm so proud of you.
And thanks for the picture that went with your post- it made me smile.
P.S. I am not a genius or anywhere near a genius although I think I lived next door to one once.

honeyluna said...

Who was this genius next door?
And you're right. I know it's true. Thanks for being proud of me.

I'm glad that you like that picture. It certainly made me happy to look at it. I was going to put up a picture of just Jim, but so much of what I love about Jim has to do with Pam. They're like cake and frosting. They just go together.

downtown guy said...

Jim makes me want to smack people. I'm sorry, but it's true. I find him smarmy. But then, I like Dwight best, as a character, so there you go.

That being said, you rock! That's how to do it.

What are you up to this week? Got a night to hang out? Watch a movie, eat a sandwich? Want to join us for trivia night tomorrow? Write me. drunkonpabst at gmail dot com.

Miss Maybelle said...

You GO, Jessie! You have always impressed me with your smarts. I hear you also got some good news at 3:AM the other night. Damn. Get in your go-cart and go, Little Sister.

honeyluna said...

Thanks my sweet, sweet sister. That's funny that you say that you have always been impressed with my smarts, because that is exactly the way I've felt about you. And to go along with those smarts I would have to say that you've got creativity and wonderful talents that I've also always looked up to and have been impressed with. No lies.