Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So many choices.

What to do today?
Play my mandolin?
Read Harry Potter?
Watch a movie on one of the 100 movie channels we have?
Dance around the house in my bra and shorts to the Dixie Chicks or maybe the Rolling Stones?
Wash my dogs?
Hit some notes on the piano?
Eat lunch?
I've cleaned the kitchen up from last night and this morning's egg-salad bagelwich I made for breakfast. I've swept the porch, which reminded to water those plants. Which now hosts the nests of two different bird families I believe. I went to the garden and picked approximately 15 red ripe tomatoes and made a bouquet of those funky zenias. That's really all I have done today. I guess I will now wash up those stinky pups. I could definitely benefit from that.


downtown guy said...

New Harry Potter trailer:

Ms. Moon said...

You took care of business, baby girl. I sure appreciate it all.
I have missed you.

Miss Maybelle said...

Thanks for holding down the fort, you do it so well. I always forget to water the dang plants.