Saturday, November 28, 2009

i just have to say

i just have to say that it takes a strong person to sit inside this very day and write a paper comparing research articles when you have a father that is willing and wanting to teach you the tricks to being a good repair man, a mother who is gathering eggs in her own beautiful back yard, dogs that are so ready to cuddle and play, a beautiful old piano that is so grand and is just waiting to be heard, and two very long legs that are wanting to stretch and tap all around this beautiful home.

and I just have to say that I am not a strong person today.


Ms. Moon said...

You know what? You are SO strong, sitting in that dining room and studying day after day. I have no idea how you do it and you are precious and I am so proud of you and when vacation times comes I don't know who's going to be happier- you or me for you.
I love you so much...Your mama

michelle said...

Sometimes you just have to say "What the fuck"

downtown guy said...

Did you leap about? I did, a little.

honeyluna said...

Oh Mama, you are too sweet and encouraging. And yes, the relief that both you and I will have during my holiday break is going to be absolutely grand.

Michelle, you say such very wise words, and I often do just say, "What the fuck" but mostly in my head.

DTG- hah, I totally did leap about. I also ran, and biked the distance from dad's storage room to the garage (not very far), I tapped my feet, and I think I might have shimmied.
And when did you leap the little that you did? I must have missed it.

May said...

Sometimes I think about you doing all that you do and I am just astounded. Other times I just take it for granted because you are amazing and it makes sense that you do amazing things. I adore you. Lets go to a move and underpants shopping soon.

honeyluna said...

May- I was actually just thinking that I want a date with you where we do our underpants/bra shopping thing again. I need some new undergarments and I need YOU!

Next Friday, I am free! Oh how it makes my heart sing to think about it.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You are a sweetness, Jessie. I understand. I feel the same way at work today. I just can't concentrate.

Love, SB.

Anonymous said...

Hi, your sibling sent me callin' your way about some lessons for my little girl who just got her first Ukulele.
If you or your friend is interested, just let me know. I can be reached by pigeon or flares or your mama.

write papers in rooms without windows

Angela Christensen said...

I love thinking of you as Honey Luna, seeing your beautiful sweet kind face, with that mandolin in your hands. Love, love.

Maggie May said...

I wouldn't be either with all that richness :)

plus, sometimes you just have to say wtf
as Michelle said ;)

The Lady's Lounge said...

I read an wanted to turn off the computer and go out in the yard to gather imaginary eggs and snuggle puppies in the garden.

I then quickly remembered that I have no yard, no eggs to gather and it's grey and yucky outside where I live.

Thanks for a moment of escape.